WeQ Tech Visualization


An Intuitive and flexible interface developed by WeQ technologies, a user-friendly operating experience with complete applications requirement ensuring high productivity of machining automation.

Operating Control Equipment

Operating Panel


Industrial grade touch display operating panel mounted on the machine carriage with a convenience arrangement.

Machine Control Panel (MCP)




Integrated machine control panel (MCP) with high quality and advance design touch buttons, with a release button to ensure safety operation





Independent hand-wheel for accurate manual movement for workpiece approaching purpose. All of the axis include Z,X, and U can be moved conveniently and precisely.

Solution for Industry

Infrastruktur und Netzwerkdesign



Client-Server Architekturen

IKT Standortvernetzungen



LED Technik für Gewerbe und Industrie

Audiodesign und Beschallungen

Operator Schulungen

Gebäudesicherheit - Meldeanlagen


IKT und System - Monitoring

Infrastructure and network design

industrial networks

industrial Automation

Client-server architectures

ICT site networking

IT Consulting

IT construction coordination

LED technology for trade and industry

Audio design and sound

Operator training

Building security - signaling systems

building control

ICT and system monitoring